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- Redesigning the entire web experience

- Content enrichment to keep up with the changing and evolving digital world. 

- Providing users to spend more time on the site with UX improvements.

My Role:

- Leading the project

- Creating the project plan and managing tasks
- Managing the UX process

- Managing the design process
- Coordination with the developer team
- Wireframing, UX and UI design


- Using the user data and the insights we have, we firstly started to work on the UX improvements of the site.

- We designed wireframes for all pages to improve web and mobile experience. In this process, the site width was changed taking into account the new ad sizes.

- Sitemap has been reworked to allow the user to spend more time on the site and to navigate more easily.

- Content enhancements that will create user interaction were considered and designed (news groups, mini quiz etc).

- The entire site has been redesigned in accordance with responsive design principles.

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