Since the version that is now live is outdated, all design and experience needed to be renewed. Since the sitemap is quite complex and irregular, the whole process had to be addressed from the beginning.


No UX development has been done on the site so far and no user-oriented approach has been made.


Our task in this project was to provide users with a better experience of sharing poetry and to find a way to interact more with other users and their content.

My Role:

- Leading the project

- Creating the project plan and managing tasks
- Managing the UX process

- Managing the design process
- Coordination with the developer team
- Wireframing, UX and UI design


We started the project by analyzing user data. After working on our user profile and getting an idea, we analyzed which pages were visited more and at which points users had problems. By combining our insights from these studies with our UX experience, we proceeded to the next step.


The biggest decision we made was that we should consider the project as a social media platform. That's why we've completely reworked the sitemap and excluded all duplicate pages and components. We included new widgets and pages into the project to provide users with more up-to-date content.


After many wireframes, prototypes and tests, we chose the version that most suits the users and completed the UI designs.